Synex Systems Inc.
Vice President

F9 Financial Reporting

F9 is a financial reporting system that connects spreadsheets to major mid-market accounting systems. By employing a combination of simple cell formulas in Excel, F9 allows general ledger data to be formatted into any financial report in the powerful environment of the spreadsheet.

Objective: Produce and market a flexible and user-friendly spreadsheet based financial reporting system.

Outcome: F9 remains an international financial industry standard 20 years after entering the market and is currently sold through direct sales, a VAR network and strategic alliances with mid market accounting vendors.


SQZ pioneered on-the-fly data compression when it was introduced as Symantec’s second product in the mid 1980’s.

Objective: Decrease the size of files that were quickly overwhelming early hard drives.

Outcome: Spreadsheet files were decreased by about 90% with little loss of performance. Over one million copies were sold.


A water distribution analysis program that ran inside a spreadsheet, making ease of use dramatically easier.

Objective: To provide a robust but easy to use engineering program for small and large municipalities.

Outcome: The product was used across the US by large and small water districts alike, including the Greater Los Angeles Water District.